Alfred State College (Gigapan) New Student Commencement

Alfred, NY – Our challenge for Alfred this year was during new student orientation. We needed to create an interactive presentation of the new students during orientation and then the ability to link the story back to the social media networks for presentation.

We decided to create to three different presentations for this project. A Gigapan photo which is an Ultra High Resolution photo consisting of several hundred photos stitched together, several 360 Interactive Panoramas allowing student to see all around the event and then follow-up with a HD Video.

The Gigapan was the first big challenge. We had to put 1,300 students and facility into the shape of an ‘A’ on the Pioneer Stadium football field stretching from 30 yard line on both sides of the field. Then shoot an estimated 600 photos in 6 minutes at 19 mega pixels each. The project size just in photos alone was estimated at 11.4 gigabytes. This is where the term Gigapan comes from.

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