2012 Rally in the Valley (Gigapan – Monster Photo)

Olean, NY – The project consists of trying to capture quickly the motorcycles as they roll in to the stadium in a Gigapan photo.  A Gigapan is a photo that consists of many photos stitched into one monster photo.  In this case we have 154 photos stitched into one photo that is 11.6 Gigabytes in file size or 63,446 pixels wide by 21,339 pixels tall.  This means I could print this photo 66 Feet Wide and 27 Feet Tall and be so detailed you could read the logos off their jackets.

The other challenge was trying to shoot the photo fast enough to ensure you don’t get duplicate motorcycles or people as they walk around the event.  You’ll see I got Dennis Jones in two places however that’s because he always running around quickly.

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