Fine Art Works Studio in 2011 Allegany Artisans Tour

It may have been a rainy weekend but what a great way to take on beautiful works of art. The 2011 Allegany Artisans Studio Tour had their event presenting 45 different artists at 37 different locations all over Allegany County. The Allegany Artisans is a twenty-four year event of a group of artists and crafts people that joined together as the “Allegany Artisans” and opened their studios to the public over the weekend. The artist choose their name to represent their proximity to the Allegany foothills and called it the “The Allegany Artisans Studio Tour”. Within the tour throughout the entire Allegany County you see traditions with clay, wood, metal, fiber, jewelry, paint, glass, paper and much more.

Rebecca Kintner of Fine Art Works to the left presents her studio in a 360 degree panorama.

The photographer Michael Kintner owner of uses a variety if high tech technology to shoot a series of 78 photos and stitches them together along with alot of patience with Adobe Photoshop to create and amazing panoramic view of Rebecca’s Studio.

And if you have a iPad or iPhone you can use the accelorometer within to also look around as well.

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